Location Based Intelligence

GeoFeedia is a cloud based intelligence platform that lets you predict, analyze, and act on real-time social media content by location from anywhere in the world with a simple click.
Xtract Video Synopsis

Analyze Social Media Content

Discover trends and patterns within the world’s largest set of location-based social data to inform better decision-making.

Select an area on the Map

Stay ahead of topics, trends and situations with proactive insights and alerts from real-time location-based intelligence.


How It Works

Value Added Services

Store all your information securely into a simple to use and access storage solution catered to your need. We work with several storage vendors  that cater to your budget and needs providing home or office to enterprise sized solutions.
The concern stone of every security camera solution is the software that allows you to view and manage your videos. An appropriate Video Management Solution (VMS) will be selected based on your required needs
 Anytech can help you integration your existing camera solution with Xtract. Xtract works with almost all the known Video Management System saving you the cost of acquiring a new VMS.