Analyze lengthy videos in minutes!

Extract offer ta powerful set of video review tools for locating events of interest so that you and your investigation team can reach targets more quickly than ever before.
Xtract Video Synopsis

Video Synopsis

Xtract™ is the new standard for rapid video review. It uses state of the art machine vision software that turns any recorded video into a searchable object database.
This allows your customers to replay an entire day’s activity in one short video, as well as search for a specific activity, object or event that happened during the day.
Xtract™ works with home automation platform providers and home / SMB camera platform providers to provide an OEM branded solution nested within your application for your customers


How It Works

How It Works

System Architecture

Xtract Architecture

Value Added Services

Store all your information securely into a simple to use and access storage solution catered to your need. We work with several storage vendors  that cater to your budget and needs providing home or office to enterprise sized solutions.
The concern stone of every security camera solution is the software that allows you to view and manage your videos. An appropriate Video Management Solution (VMS) will be selected based on your required needs
 Anytech can help you integration your existing camera solution with Xtract. Xtract works with almost all the known Video Management System saving you the cost of acquiring a new VMS.