Secure Your Perimeter Now!

Anytech has partnered with leading technology providers to provide you the camera solution and door access system that best first your need whether its a large company or a private property

Security Camera Design

Camera Coverage Modeling

The first step in every security camera solution is properly designing the coverage area. Using advanced design tools our security consultants work diligently to design the ideal solution that best fits your needs and budget.

Why Choose Anytech

  • Deployed camera solutions for residential and commercial projects
  • Ability to coordinate with project managers
  • Experienced with several Camera Vendors
  • Ability to integrate with existing Video Management Systems
  • Partnered with leading video analytics software provider

Security Camera Hardware

Camera Hardware

Experienced with a variety of camera models Anytech can help you choose the right model that best suites your requirements. We have an extended experience in setting up IP or Analogue camera connected to your existing or new infrastructure cabling. You will be able to monitor all your camera from any workstation or even your mobile phone. Anytech will help you select an appropriately sized storage solution to store your video content.

Value Added Services

Store all your information securely into a simple to use and access storage solution catered to your need. We work with several storage vendors  that cater to your budget and needs providing home or office to enterprise sized solutions.
The concern stone of every security camera solution is the software that allows you to view and manage your videos. An appropriate Video Management Solution (VMS) will be selected based on your required needs
Analyze your video on a new level through video analytical software allowing you to get results out in the fraction of the time it would take you when traversing video files manually.