Network Infrastructure & Design Implementation

Anytech works closely with its clients to design and implement the network infrastructure they need to enable their organizations or even their personal properties, it’s normal for our consultants to get involved at the very early stages during the construction or design phase of the property to ensure that the network is properly distributed and connected. With over 10 years of experience, our consultants work closely with you to deliver the best solution unique to your needs.

Structured Cabling

Closely design and implement structured cabling for your office or property keep you connected

Wi-Fi Network

Wireless Network that will cover the entire premise using the best and most effective hardware specific to your environment.

Network Equipment

We supply install and support the network equipment needed to keep all your systems connected based on your requirements.


Support existing network systems ensuring that they operate optimally. Support packages are delivered based on the client’s requirements, which can start from several visits per year to an onsite dedicated expert.

Complementing Services

Enable your network with smart solutions that Anytech provides. Secure your premises with a physical security system and security cameras.

Security Cameras

Every property or office should have its own security camera solution. In some cases, it’s required by law. With the right network infrastructure in place, you can easily install a security camera solution powered and connected through your network cables.

Physical Door Access

Secure your premises with a secure door access system. You can authenticate entry through a biometric fingerprint, retina scan, iPhone or security Card. Anytech has the experience to deliver you a variety of solution specific to your needs.

Support Sevices

Protect your investment and productivity by signing a customized support contract with Anytech to better look after the operation of your network through several proactive site visits.

Storage System

Store all your information securely into a simple to use and access storage solution catered to your need. We work with several storage vendors that cater to your budget and needs providing home or office to enterprise-sized solutions.