Established in October 2015, Gryphon has built a complete, end to end communications solution, combining secure hardware, state of the art encryption and hardened software.  Gryphon provides a turn-key secure communications platform that protects customer confidentiality, secures the customers’ digital assets and ensures privacy of their data and communications when outside a trusted environment or while at home

Secure Hardware

End-to-End Data and Device Protection

Secure Voice and Messaging

End-to-End Encrypted Communications

What does it take to be secure?

Encrypt all Communications and Data Exchanges

Eliminate the need to trust external networks

Mask Your Online Presence

Know Where Your Information is Going

Gryphon Shield | Beyond VPN – All Security

Supports Multiple Devices

Shield allows a user to connect many devices simultaneously, protecting all your devices

Full Compatibility

Shield supports any device that requires secure connections. Just connect them via WiFi or ethernet ports. No additional software is required to deploy

Easy User Interface

Shield has a simple to use web interface to manage the settings like which WiFi network to connect to and managing security passwords

Centrally Managed

Administrators have full access to Shield and its settings from the Assure COR infrastructure providing enterprise-grade manageability

Encrypted Agile-Tunneling

Shield provides a corporate controlled VPN connection using the strongest cryptographic algorithms available. Additionally, administrators can change the cryptography on-the-fly for unprecedented security protection

Controlled Identity Life Cycle

Shield is managed with corporate and user identities, ensuring that only the right people access and control your security. If Shield is lost its access and operation can be revoked stopping anyone from using it

Hardware Security Module

Shield uses a built-in hardware security module to store sensitive corporate and user identity keys creating tamper-proof protection to the most important data

Manageable Firewall

Shield separates your devices from connecting to untrusted networks while intelligently providing safe and secure access to assets you want to use like printers

Network Traffic Security

Shield can inspect the network packets that pass through it, alerting the user to malicious activity

Secured Ports

Control who and what connects to Shield over WiFi and ethernet