Logicube Hard Drive Duplication and Forensics

Logicube are leaders in the duplication and forensics area being used by some of the largest organizations in the world


Logicube is the recognized world leader in hard drive duplication back-up, data recovery, and computer forensics systems. Lgicube’s hard drive cloning and duplication systems are used throughout the world in thousands of IT departments as well as by leading law enforcement agencies. Our hard drive duplicators offer hardware solutions for copying hard drives, data recovery, disaster recovery.

Logicube’s family of products ranges from one-to-one solutions, such as the lightweight Echo or powerful Sonix, to the production-grade OmniClones and OmniSCSI hard drive duplicators. These products feature the latest technologies:

  • SATA access
  • USB connectivity
  • UDMA capability
  • CRC-32 engines
  • Computer forensic authentication.

Whether you are looking for software duplication, drive imaging and diagnosis, back-up, file management, or computer forensics and data recovery solutions. Logicube has the ideal system for you.